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9 out of 10

Gathering of the Gifts's Thumbnail

Gathering of the Gifts
by Robert William Shmigelsky

Reviewed by shmglsky, July 23rd 2013

Passages that could use with some trimming down or alterations (I apologize for not going into detail, but I’m a professional editor and…

9 out of 10

Worm's Thumbnail

by Wildbow

Reviewed by Packbat, May 25th 2013

When Taylor Hebert, bullied teenager, gets a superpower that gives her unparalleled command over all the creepy-crawly creatures of the world…

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Trying to make a difference in a harsh world. superpowers have changed everything

Recommended by tempest - December 25th 2013

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The Legion of Nothing

Both stories take place in worlds with interesting superpowers, heroic protagonists thrown into situations a bit out of their depth, and exciting, evocatively-written fight scenes.

Recommended by Packbat - June 5th 2013

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