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9 out of 10

Obsidian Trilogy's Thumbnail

Obsidian Trilogy
by Olga McArrow

Reviewed by Nanks, November 8th 2020

"Obsidian Trilogy" is not just a well-written story, it's also a well-illustrated story. Its author also makes a webcomic (Gifts…

8 out of 10

The Wandering Inn's Thumbnail

The Wandering Inn
by pirateaba

Reviewed by SBB, July 4th 2020

This story is largely slice of life though it will have a huge amount of combat, violence, intrigue, drama, and magic. But a staggeringly…

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Trying to make a difference in a harsh world. superpowers have changed everything

Recommended by tempest - December 25th 2013

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The Legion of Nothing

Both stories take place in worlds with interesting superpowers, heroic protagonists thrown into situations a bit out of their depth, and exciting, evocatively-written fight scenes.

Recommended by Packbat - June 5th 2013

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