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Aldain by Andrew Blatt

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Genre: Fantasy / Sci-Fi

Updated: Weekly


Overall Rating: 6.331

Average Rating: 5 (Guests), 5 (Members)

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Aldain by Andrew Blatt product Read This

"Interesting world."

The story Aldain spins an interesting tale of an intriguing world (series of worlds, I believe).

The worldbuilding is engaging, the story of conquest interesting - I want to keep reading, to know more about what happened to the world, and what' going to happen in the future.

However, I had trouble engaging with the characters.

The story is written in first-person, and the viewpoint character seems cold and stilted. His compatriot shows more emotion than he does, but it is confusingly random emotion. That could be on purpose, but it makes it hard for me to get attached to anyone.

This could be a great series As it is, it's a decent series.

Rating: 5 / 10

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