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Azure Roost by Dakota Lewis

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Genre: Fantasy / Adventure

Audience: People who enjoy reading? This is a trick question box.

Updated: Weekly

Content Advisory

Occasional Sexual Content

Occasional Coarse Language

Frequent Violence


Overall Rating: 6.321

Average Rating: 5 (Guests), 5 (Members)

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"Haven to none."

UPDATED EVERY SUNDAY (Because Mondays suck and need something decent to start them off.

I feel I should say that this is a website that I will be releasing the book I am currently writing on, parts of chapters being posted as they are completed with a set schedule. This will continue until I have concluded the story I wish to convey. If it is something that you enjoy reading, then I wish to thank you and beg your patience for the next part to be posted.

That said, this posting isn’t going to be perfect. There will be errors, there will be changes. Some will get posted, others won’t happen until I’m done with the story in its entirety. If that bothers you, I’m sure there is a ‘x’ at the top right of whatever tab you have this open in.

Parts of this may be difficult to read, because my writing style isn’t exactly that fantastic. But this is something that gets better in time and I hope that you will push through and give what support you can along the way.

Criticism is openly welcomed, so long as it is constructive. I don’t care that you think I wrote something wrong, or that I’m doing something wrong by posting this at all. It’s my book, not yours. Diehl with it.

Currently I will be posting one part per week, on a day that has yet to be set in stone. I may set a few standards to achieve that would raise this to twice a week depending on what is done, but that remains to be seen.

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