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Children of the Apocalypse by Skyla Dawn Cameron

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Rated 7.12 out of 10 Statistics


Genre: Supernatural / Fantasy

Updated: Monthly

Content Advisory

Occasional Sexual Content

Frequent Coarse Language

Occasional Violence


Overall Rating: 7.121

Average Rating: 9.22 (Guests), 7.64 (Members)

Ranking: #32

Rating Count: 18 (9 Guests, 9 members)

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"Passion. Vengeance. Redemption. Sacrifice. Destiny."

Passion. Vengeance. Redemption. Sacrifice. Destiny.

Three girls are thrust together by their shared abilities and the roles they are to play in the nearing apocalypse. They are guided only by the mysterious Michael, whose contempt and dislike of them is clearer than his motivations for saving their lives. With assassins and betrayal at every turn, the Children of the Apocalypse must fight to stay alive while discovering their gifts and respective roles in the approaching final battle.

Harder still, however, is knowing who to trust…

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"Pleasant Little Surprise"

Rating: 9/10

Opener: When I first read the title of Skyla Dawn Cameron’s “Children of the Apocalypse” my first thought was one of dismay. I was assuming that it would be a web novel about teen saving the world and I was right. I also assumed that it wouldn’t portray the teens the way it should. While surprising – though pleasant – I was wrong. Most times when you have someone writing a teen view…Read More


Rating: 8/10

I have stumbled onto this online serial back in December and forgot about everything else while I read all the material online at that time. It’s an amazing story, where characters have depth and emotions. You can tell these could be real people, and not a black and white character as in many written works. While I found the novel entirely captivating, I’d be hard pressed to choose if and who…Read More


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