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URL fragment (slug) the-bitter-drop
Index Sorting Title Bitter Drop
Book Title The Bitter Drop
Book Tagline long will winter keep the light of summer from the sky
Book URL / Read URL
Book Author(s) E. Isherwood
Primary Genre Fantasy
Secondary Genre Supernatural
Update Schedule Every Few Days
Book Synopsis Anzu Menelik has lost his daughter. It\'s the aftermath of a Cataclysm and the revolution in Chervey and Tulun has just finished - it\'s no wonder he\'s lost track of a three-year-old toddler. But Anzu, a former necromancer and queer as a five-speed walking stick, is no sleuth. He just wanted to have a peaceful life, following the execution of his notorious and tyrannical master, Raimut Hellewege. But it is not to be. As he searches for his daughter, Anzu will find many things: new alliances, people he thought he\'d lost forever and dangerous magic. He will also find that not all things he thought dead will stay so.
Contain Mature Content? 1
Contain Coarse Language? 0 2
Contain Sexual Language? 0 2
Contain Violent Content? 0 2