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Book Synopsis From Winter\'s Ashes By Patrick Rochefort and Keith Aksland A Detective with nothing left to lose, against a Necromancer with the world to gain. In gain. In a world where everyone wields magic, you need stopping necromantic crimes requires detectives who can solve mysteries and crack skulls. Detective Heather Blackthorne’s victory over a detective as quick with a spell as she is with her wits. A necromancer forced Detective Heather Blackthorne to watch as he necromantic cult was short-lived. The lone survivor of the cult butchered her husband and son, and then stole son in front of her eyes, so she would be forced to watch him steal their bones. She thought it was the worst moment of her life. She was wrong. It’s wrong. It\'s a year later, with and her life shattered and is still shattered, her career is in ruins, and her last shot at redemption has gone terribly wrong. Heather is sent in disgrace to the high North by the Church she serves. And what What peace is to be found in that quiet arctic outpost is all too quickly broken, as her past comes hunting for far more than her, this time. Overwhelmed by grief and outgunned by a necromantic conspiracy, Heather must fight for the survival of those around her, while searching for a reason to survive. And in the end, she\'ll have to decide: Does the necromancer who butchered her husband and son deserve a Detective\'s justice, or a mother\'s revenge? --- A webfiction serial, published weekly, From Winter’s Ashes offers a rich world where emotion fuels magic and great spirits walk the earth, all while telling the human tale of one mother’s struggle to put her family to rest. You can follow the tale directly on the From Winter’s Ashes website at Help support From Winter’s Ashes, become a Patreon sponsor!
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