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Book Tagline "An "An uneducated man may rob a rail car. An educated man can steal the railway." railway."
Book Synopsis \"About the Story Nowhere Nowhere Island University is the story of recent high school graduate Nathan Jacobs and his time at a very special university. The stated purpose of Nowhere Island University is “to prepare the best and brightest scientists, parahumans, spies, businessmen and soldiers for a rapidly changing world.” However, the United Nation Investigations, Extranormal (UNIX,) is suspicious. Soldiers who have graduated are showing up in terrorist groups that threaten the stability of the world, graduates of their science academies have created multiple devices capable of massive destruction seemingly for fun, and their business graduates seem to mostly specialize in less-then-legal ventures. Even more disturbing is how their graduates are showing up everywhere, from governmental agencies to so-called “super-villains.” That’s where Nathan comes in. Along with two other new agents, he has been sent to find out what the true motivation of Nowhere Island is. You can also find and comment on NIU here: Or follow us on Twitter or Facebook:\" -The is. -The NIU about page
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