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Book Tagline Cue A web-fiction series centered around a Japanese teen drama & friendships of Kita Duran. YA light novel, Japanese style. private high school student.
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Book Synopsis Original Music Makes is a web fiction web-fiction series centered on centred around Duran Kita who is a Japanese private high school student. He struggles against a stringent school system to run a music club. His first day at school starts off with a science experiment gone wrong that affects This story is about friendship, family and foes connected together by the entire student body. Enter the funniest mishap written in any language, where love becomes an open sport. Along the way, we discover a naked truth about Duran, a past music he is running from and how he became a ghost busting hero. Fans of Japanese light novels, shōujo and boys love manga can expect a treat fueled with comedy, cats, romance, friendship and fun. Most of all - music. makes.
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