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Book Tagline Like a Shounen Ai/Shoujo Light Novel. Cue Japanese teen drama & & fun.
Book Synopsis Original Music Makes is a web fiction series centered on a teenage boy named Duran Kita who Kita. He\'s shy from sixteen but has already experienced a hell of life. This series is a Japanese private high school student. He struggles against a stringent school system to run a all about his friendship, family and foes connected together by the life music club. His first day at school starts off with a science experiment gone wrong that affects the entire student body. Enter the funniest mishap written in any language, where love becomes an open sport. Along the way, we discover a naked truth about Duran, a past he is running from and how he became a ghost busting hero. Fans of Japanese light novels, shōujo and boys love manga can expect a treat fueled with comedy, cats, romance, friendship and fun. Most of all - music. The makes. The web series is posted in episode parts, where Episode 1-01 is part one of episode one.
Contain Mature Content? 1