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Book Title Remnants
Book Tagline A web serial that follows the story of a soldier and a rebel as they unravel the mysteries, plots, and lies of everything they\'ve ever known.
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Book Author(s) Emily Oracle
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Primary Genre Fantasy
Secondary Genre Romance
Update Schedule Every Few Days
Book Synopsis The world is shadowed in the remnants of its past splendor. Creator’s splendor. When the One True God fought Envier to stop him from destroying humanity, many of the glorious temples and towers that Creator had helped build were destroyed. After subduing him, she secluded herself away in heartbreak and the ruins were left; tragic monuments of grandeur humanity can never recreate. Kiol is the Society’s best soldier. He killed the Cult of Envy’s leader and eradicated her nest. He does what he’s told without question and his targets always fall—without exception. Until he chases down Nirin in the middle of a raid, the boy whose life he spared once already and finds himself inexplicably saving again. He feels a connection to Nirin unlike anything he’s felt before, even knowing the boy is a cultist and a rebel. But bringing Nirin into his life engenders a complex web of emotions, secrets, and lies that changes Kiol’s life forever and forces him to question everything he’s ever been told.
Contain Mature Content? 0 1
Contain Coarse Language? 0 3
Contain Sexual Language? 0 1
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Intended Audience new adults,adults,LGBT,LGBTQA,
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Index Sorting Title Remnants