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Book Title A Protracted Game
Book Tagline A bloody and protracted game has begun. Are you ready?
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Book Author(s) G. Michael Rapp
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Primary Genre Sci-Fi
Secondary Genre Drama
Update Schedule Weekly
Book Synopsis A Protracted Game [Web Serial] takes place in the near future, when biotechnology, artificial intelligence, and the definition of human are being stretched to their very limits. Humankind has spread out amongst the planets of the solar system, creating new homes and opportunities. However, old baggage comes with the species looking to call the larger solar system home. To make matters worse, an emerging (and sentient) artificial intelligence is on the rise, infecting computer systems and infrastructure, making its presence known and felt. Old and new geopolitical blocs are seeking to dominate the new order beyond Earth. These blocs are seeking out to recruit this new artificial intelligence to fight for their causes. Others, non-state actors, like the Brethren and Sistren of the Abrahamic Faiths, hope to convert, destroy, or help the emerging artificial intelligence, as it grows and blossoms into something either uniquely human or something else altogether. (Source for Synopsis: Taken from A Protracted Game\'s Website:
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Intended Audience readers of gritty scifi, space opera fanatics, milsf readers, techno-noir readers, space exploration fiction readers
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