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Book Title The Awakening - Glimmer in the Dark - Book 1
Book Tagline Grizzled cop, teenage girl, vs a superhuman serial-killer-rapist
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Book Author(s) OnlyTheGhosts
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Primary Genre Horror
Secondary Genre Superhero
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Book Synopsis Erotic horror story set a few years into the future of a world much like ours, with a slightly different history. Shine Malloy is a very shy teenage girl whose family migrated from the \"American Union\" to the city of Tearmann on Australia\'s south-east coast following a nuclear terrorist attack that destroyed San Francisco. She\'s been having nightmares that are disturbingly erotic, filled with warnings. Meanwhile, three detectives, Topper, Kane, and Yamamura, are part of a secretive police task force that\'s trying to catch a mysterious serial killer and rapist that has been terrorising the city for months.
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Index Sorting Title Awakening - Glimmer in the Dark - Book 1