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Book Title Impractical Magic
Book Tagline Welcome to Istima, the Six Court Academy, where reality is a suggestion, magic is king, and knowledge is currency. Study, survive, and hold your secrets close.
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Book Author(s) S.B.B, Oberon, Nalta
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Primary Genre Fantasy
Secondary Genre Humor
Update Schedule Fortnightly
Book Synopsis This is a serialized web fiction about a sprawling world and Istima, the Six Court Academy; where the different branches of magic have come together in an ancient city-school floating between mountain peaks and above the storm sea. The engraving students learn to steal patents and defend their homework from untrustworthy professors. The Winter Court battle for their spots in the rankings. The healers stretch trip cords across the highest stairs so they can practice enough to earn an internship. And no one has the slightest clue what is happening in the Night Court, but it involves a shopping list with lip balm, voluntary psychosis, 9th plane sulfur drakes, and flour mixed well with cinnamon. There are three main characters: -Cal, is a common thief who found a student dead when she came through the window. By taking up that false identity she hopes to learn enough about magic to become a very profitable burglar when she is inevitably discovered and kicked out. -Lyssana, was exiled to an island of elementalists by her wealthy family when she was born with the wrong kind of magic. She has been called back and placed in Istima for reason\'s that no one has told her. -Yam Hist of the Ken Seekers comes from a nomadic people whos\' strange relationship with materialism and magic has lead them to value honesty, knowledge, and community above all else. He has decided that he must learn enough magic to become indistinguishable from a god so he can restore his family by retroactively making his father a prophet rather than a lying cult leader.
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