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Book Title They are Smol - It\'s a Smol World (Arc 3)
Book Tagline Wherein [Humanity] gets it’s first mixed-species colony, the intergalactic internet is a place of wonders, and the local wildlife is absolutely under control.
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Book Author(s) TinyPrancingHorse
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Primary Genre Humor
Secondary Genre Sci-Fi
Update Schedule Completed
Book Synopsis Humanity\'s home world has mostly stopped catching on fire, and the ecological and social damage is healing. With care and support we\'ve been put on a rapid uplift schedule, and are doing our very best to keep pace with our intergalactic neighbors. In order to expand our horizons (and to spread the cultural wealth) we\'re invited to build a colony right on the same planet as our friends! Nestled in the middle of one of their greater frontier cities, to be exact. There should be no issues with this at all. Everything is fine - power, water, land, emergency services - all already baked in. And the local wildlife is absolutely under control.
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Intended Audience Humans, Men, Women, Science Fiction, Sci-Fi, Humor, Adventure, Shenanigans
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