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Book Synopsis In an alternate Earth where humans have the heads of animals, and where the animals aren’t always what they seem, the Firebird rules myth and legend. Said to have divine power, it appears every millennium to grant wishes for a select few who are lucky enough to find it. Phoebe Ashcroft is immortal- she’s one of 25 “fledglings”. After those people. There are only two problems: She doesn’t remember ever seeing it, and she definitely doesn’t remember wishing for immortality! All she wants to do is get a degree. But after being bound forced into a deadly magical ritual, she’s taken in by an organization dedicated to uncovering the Firebird’s secrets. To make matters worse, she’s stuck with the ritual’s other participant- and he only has bloodshed on his mind. Now she must utilize both her ability and her changing perceptions of herself in order to track down the Firebird for a dangerous monster, she has to navigate their predator/prey relationship, her newfound abilities, second wish. But Phoebe’s attacker is still on the loose, and the quest for the legendary creature that could make everything normal again. Katabasis task is a fantasy webfiction series with elements of mystery, horror, and guro mixed in. It is rated 16+ and contains the following: Violence, gore, death, nudity, strong language, and other mature themes. more dangerous than anyone realizes…
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Book Tagline Phoebe, maybe you weren’t aware- did they tell you how broken your body was before you woke back up again? A failed ritual leaves an immortal woman bound to a monster. Katabasis follows her quest to make things normal again... Maybe!
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