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Book Synopsis I’m Erika Night. Welcome to my world. Being the only female master vampire in San Francisco comes with alot of baggage-and not the ones you’d think. Modern fantasy may see vampires as peternaturally sexy forbidden fruits but, as I know from personal experience, we’re more hideous bloodsucking abominations than anything else. So I need to prey on humans to survive, fend off anyone that wants to drag me in their schemes and try to find my place in a society where most people are out to get me. Fun times. Recently I’ve gained some notoriety in San Francisco’s peternatural underworld. I ate a foreign master that wanted the entire city for his own, pissed off the leader of the shifters, burned down a local mall, killed the city’s prime legal enforcer and made an alliance with a group of vampire hunters. Oh yes, almost forgot; I also set off a tactical nuke. So now me and my friends-a teenage sorceress, a newly dead vampire I’m training, a dark ages vampire knight I saved from a dungeon and a human ex-commando I’ve bound to my service-are in trouble. With the aid of my mentor, the great sorceress Morgaine, I hope we can survive. If not… well, our chances were not good to begin with.
Chapter Count 40