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Book Synopsis BONES is an online novel updated every Sunday. Originally a fanfic written with my World based in the Warcraft universe, it has since expanded into it\'s own. Our tale follows the path of Warcraft toons two of our main characters: Necronim, an undead rogue haunted by his past, and those of my ex-husband, friends, and guild mates. It is now entirely an original piece with a full world behind it though Kalya Wist, the human girl who helped him once. Their story is still the same at its heart: its something of many things but it is most especially one thing - a love story. —- Kalya is a young woman living in the village Sothan - a place teetering on the edge of destruction. The vicious trolls of the neighboring Grieving Jungle are drawing ever closer to overrunning them and most of their able men were injured in the previous assault. And it is doubtful that the knights of the Order of J’syn will come out of their nearby citadel in time to help with the next attack. Whilst out gathering herbs, she finds exactly what she has been seeking: an escape. An injured centaur leads her to a secretive undead and her aiding them and assuring the centaur’s survival cements a connection to them forever. Threatened with discovery by the villagers that could lead to all their deaths, she does the only thing she story between two people who can to keep her new patient alive...she goes with them. And everything after this seals her fate. never be together.
Book Title Bones
Index Sorting Title Bones
Book Tagline A love story...of sorts.
Book Author(s) Megan Wright
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Primary Genre Fantasy
Secondary Genre Romance
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