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Book Tagline The Trials and Tribulations Superpowers are the least of the Superpowered their problems.
Book Synopsis Wonder City Stories is an ongoing serial about that explores gender, race, and sexuality in a richly-populated superhero comic book universe, actively deconstructing the trials and tribulations of some persistent themes of the citizens genre through the eyes of Wonder City: some a group of them compelling characters who are unusual in that context: women, elderly people, POCs, LGBTQI people, and more. It\'s a universe where the equivalent of Superman is a short, round, middle-aged black woman, and its version of Captain America is a homeless, elderly veteran living out of her van. Where superpowers don\'t guarantee special treatment, money, or success, and where time continues to flow forward so that most people age and have superpowers, some of them don’t, some of them are everyday working schlubs, some of them are trying to be superheroes, live with consequences, with no reboots or retcons. It has two completed story arcs, a completed novella, several short stories, and some of them used to be superheroes. Inspired by the works of Alison Bechdel, Armistead Maupin, and Kurt Busiek, so if you like any or all of these creators, Wonder City Stories may be for you! work on a third story arc is progressing!
Chapter Count 40 0