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Book Synopsis Dorian, A prelude to the Nyacene War... Dorian, prodigal prince of Avanu and agent of the intergalactic galactic Guild of Assassins, is on a quest to find the key to his suppressed memories. He’s accompanied by His companion is Torrin, a body-slave and military elite of Avanu with unexpected skills and a tragic past. Their past. Their ultimate destination is unknown but the secrets locked away inside Dorian’s Dorian’s mind could be the means of defeating the Var, a mysterious and monstrous force of invasion that threatens all human life in the known worlds. Dorian’s worlds. Dorian’s Quest is a “slice “slice of life” life” from the ongoing “Nyacene Adventure” “Nyacene Record” series, which consists of various novellas and short stories that are all set in the same universe.  The universe.  The accounts of the Nyacene Adventures Record do not necessarily follow a linear sequence of events however, various characters and events that take place in this universe are connected in some profound way. Dorian’s Quest somewhat precedes the soon-to-return Pandora’s Lament.
Chapter Count 50 30
Book Title Dorian\'s Quest
Index Sorting Title Dorian\'s Quest
Book Tagline When We Kiss the Stars Collide...
Book Author(s) Tonya R. Moore
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Primary Genre Sci-Fi
Secondary Genre Adventure
Contain Coarse Language? 2
Contain Sexual Language? 2
Contain Violent Content? 2
Intended Audience Female, Males over 16
URL fragment (slug) dorians-quest