Comparing Change Set #1301 with #1300 for Red Riding Hood

Field Diff
Book Synopsis Unlike his Grimm Brothers counterpart that is all beast, the Wolf is a key figure in a world filled with strange halflings who are neither fully human or creature. These halflings preside over a strange world filled with humans, elves, and other creatures from fantasy lore and fairy tales. This first "arc" will begin when a "Red Riding Hood" appears in the Northlands, domain of the troubled and aloof Wolf. Her Wolf. Red Riding Hood arrives as a messenger from another domain, one of the first that will arrive in the Northlands over various story arcs. Her appearance precedes a series of changes to the quiet town of Winchester and the area in which the Northlands reside.
Contain Coarse Language? 1 0
Contain Sexual Language? 1 0
Contain Violent Content? 1 0