Comparing Change Set #957 with #956 for Guts and Sass: An Anti-Epic

Field Diff
Book Title Guts and Sass Sass: An Anti-Epic
Book Tagline An Anti-Epic
Contain Mature Content? 1
Book Synopsis A life-paced Guts and Sass is the story about people who happen of when semi-suicidal vet Hannah Roverton gets transported to live a magical land, thus abandoning her cat, her sister, and her therapist. Except actually, it’s not. Welcome to a land embroiled in war and invasion with a pinch of magic, meet pirates, shapeshifters, and chicks with swords. Now throw your expectations out the circumstances of war, invasion, political complications, and magic. No window. Got no heroes, no saving the day, glory, and it ain’t no glorified romance, or clean-cut answers. Just life. lie.