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Book Synopsis Marin Astoris saw the world ending a few years ago, but she thought it was going to die in a nuclear war. She was mercifully wrong, but now she and her friends have been left on the shattered campus of her Michigan university alone to face the birth of a new world. Many of them slowly awaken to inborn metaphysical abilities that may mean the difference between life and death for these survivors of the world\'s end as they struggle to survive the death of the modern world. world. Thom Ambrose\'s relationship with Marin has been on the rocks for the better part of a year. He sees what she sees, but he can\'t allow himself to believe in the visions he has. If he dares to believe, he\'s going to lose the one thing in the world he loves the most: her. It\'s thirty-some college students and one professor trying to survive the end of the world they knew and the birth of a new reality. If they can survive the first year, they just might have a shot.
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