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URL fragment (slug) the-brotherhood
Index Sorting Title Brotherhood
Book Title The Brotherhood
Book Tagline The Millennium Bug was real; welcome to the world of the Millennium Children.
Book URL / Read URL
Book Author(s) K. A. Jones
Primary Genre Fantasy
Secondary Genre Angst
Update Schedule Quarterly
Book Synopsis The Brotherhood began when the first crystal was found and was destroyed when they realised their plans differed. This story is about the children who were born from the 1st of January 2000 and found they had powers. Some found the Brotherhood, as split as it was, while others were forced to learn alone. Growing up different isn\'t easy. I travel around the storyline a lot, there are a couple of AUs, and I have a write more button at the bottom of every story.
Contain Mature Content? 1
Contain Coarse Language? 0 2
Contain Sexual Language? 0 2
Contain Violent Content? 0 2