Comparing Change Set #1528 with #1487 for In the Silence

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Book Tagline He never meant to start a The consequences of an accidental rebellion.
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Book Synopsis In It’s the Silence year 2013, and all Gareth wants is to lead a story about normal life. The problem? He’s a magic user, and the government believes magic users and werewolves who rebel against an oppressive government. The rebellion is lead by are too dangerous to roam free. When he accidentally starts a young man named Gareth who, struggling rebellion, he struggles to keep his fellow rebels safe, safe and delves into dark magic and finds the consequences could be fatal. But fatal. But while Gareth fights to protect the rebels from outside forces, they face danger from the inside when magic users prove to be as prejudiced against werewolves as the government they’re fighting. The tensions between magic users and werewolves threaten to tear the rebellion apart from the inside. All they wanted was a place where they could live in peace. None of them thought their greatest obstacle to that dream would be themselves.
Contain Mature Content? 1
Book Author(s) Devon Pratt James