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Index Sorting Title Showtime
Book Title Showtime
Book Tagline The
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Book Author(s) Domino Ackerman
Author Homepage
Primary Genre Friendship
Secondary Genre Supernatural
Update Schedule Fortnightly
Book Synopsis Mackkenna Garstein, Diane Angel, Johanna Juanita Walker, Victor van Middlesworth, and Jordan Jackson Hunter are the 5 new Suprahuman senior students at BPA. However, just being accepted in doesn’t automatically mean they’re accepted there. Feeling left out and neglected, the five become fast—if sometimes reluctant—friends and discover their shared love for music.
Contain Mature Content? 1
Contain Coarse Language? 0 2
Contain Sexual Language? 0 2
Contain Violent Content? 0 2
Intended Audience Teens, Comic Book Fans, All Genders,