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Book Synopsis On the The 18th of the Aster’s Gloom, Gloom in 2030 D.C.E. (During The Current Era), was a day the Ayvartan people would never forget. 23 years after toppling an oppressive empire and instituting a socialist government that returned rights and dignity to the workers and peasants, the Ayvartans found themselves again at war. Overseas, the revolution they took pride in was seen as a bloody coup against a legitimate government and a subversion of the people’s true will — and the Nocht Federation, the Kingdom of Lubon, and the Empire of Hanwa and Hanwa, together comprising almost half the Kingdom of Lubon began their invasion political power of the southern continent of Ayvarta, with an aim world, would not allow the red flag to be rid of its Communist government decades after a revolution that toppled an Empire wave over Solstice any longer. Ideology is stronger and struck fear into the high classes of the world. In swifter than any ordnance; and in the midst of a world-shattering war, the Ayvartan people will struggle to cope with love, battle, politics, purpose, identity and destiny, as ancient legend, horrific technology and the waning magic of the world are thrown into a titanic clash. A The Solstice War is a serial fiction with notes of action, adventure, fantasy, socialism, military fiction, queer literature, and a World War II aesthetic. **Source:** [The Solstice War](
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Book Author(s) Madiha N. Santana S.
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