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#2135 (current) February 7th 2016 PatrickRochefort Updated the synopsis and included the final chapter count of Book 1.
#2037 August 31st 2015 PatrickRochefort Expanded the blurb. (And corrected an error.)
#2036 August 31st 2015 PatrickRochefort Expanded the blurb.
#1998 June 10th 2015 PatrickRochefort Corrected URL to new Table of Contents, added RSS feed, address, adjusted co-writer's name to reflect his requested pen name.
#1905 February 26th 2015 PatrickRochefort Updated Read URL to reflect the table of contents.
#1880 January 27th 2015 PatrickRochefort Corrected a typo in my name, oops.
#1874 January 13th 2015 muses-success Housekeeping. Generated index title and slug.
#1873 (initial) January 13th 2015 PatrickRochefort Initial commit.

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