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Eikasia by Illise Montoya

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Rated 7.19 out of 10 Statistics


Genre: Fantasy / Romance

Audience: Fantasy lovers, werewolf fans, women, teenagers, horror fans

Updated: Every Few Days

Content Advisory

Occasional Sexual Content

Occasional Coarse Language

Frequent Violence


Overall Rating: 7.191

Average Rating: 9.5 (Guests), 6 (Members)

Ranking: #113

Rating Count: 8 (4 Guests, 4 members)

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"Sometimes all you need is a little perspective..."

On a tower of metal and light, a girl faces an uncertain future.  Awash with the tears of gods, a warrior stares down the universe.  Together they journey across dangerous lands, to spare the world a demon’s madness.  Romance and dark fantasy blend together in this interesting tale about the things we see and the things we don’t.

Eikasia—Sometimes, all you need is a little perspective.

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"Humor and Fantasy? I don't think so."

Rating: 5/10

Although initially threatened by the reference to ‘Seinfeld’ in the genre heading, the fantasy elements promising me ‘Xena: Warrior Princess, meets Lord of the Rings’ sounded much more promising.

Although the writer’s style is lovely and descriptive, and provides an informed look into the world, it does not seem to flow well, and I found it difficult to concentrate on the prose…Read More


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