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Through the Motions by Walter Williams

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Chapters: 24

Genre: Fantasy / General

Updated: Hiatus

Content Advisory

Occasional Coarse Language

Occasional Violence


Overall Rating: 71

Average Rating: 7 (Guests), 5 (Members)

Ranking: #400

Rating Count: 1 (0 Guests, 0 members)

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"Magic is like painting, and the world is your canvas"

Through the Motions is the story of Deanna Richardson, a young artist from the quiet suburban town of Sharonia. After visiting a nearby consignment shop to sell one of her paintings, she runs into a young witch-in-training who goes by the name “Sol”. When Sol asks for help in activating her new magic wand, Deanna accepts the offer and is eventually given the wand as a gift. Driven by curiosity and an artist’s innate thirst for inspiration, Deanna strives to learn more about her new powers and the ins and outs of magic in general.

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