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Melas by delta201

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Genre: Fantasy / Adventure

Audience: Young Adult, Teen, Adult

Updated: Every Few Days

Content Advisory

Occasional Coarse Language

Frequent Violence


Overall Rating: 71

Average Rating: 7 (Guests), 10 (Members)

Ranking: #400

Rating Count: 1 (0 Guests, 1 members)

1 indicates a weighted rating.


"An unwanted isekai adventure"

A young woman finds herself dead and is given the chance to reincarnate in another world with cheat-like magic powers. She accepts, only to find that this world treats magic users the same way hers did— by hunting them down for heresy.

"My name is MELAS?! Like... Salem spelt backwards? Oh my God, and my mother is a Witch. I am SO going to be burned at the stake!"

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