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Your Personal Shopper by Goddess Somi

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Genre: Romance / Romance

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" love the nerdy character who murmurs"

Summary A nerdy man heard about a mysterious shop. It sells sex toys, which is not so special as a shop, but it has a 'personal shopper', who can help a customer choose the right toys for themselves. The man decided to visit the shop and got his wallet thick with money.

modernSetting #mistake #comedy #foolishMistakes

innocentSoo #timidSoo

  • This short story of yaoi/BL is translated from from the original Korean short web-novel. (text only, no illustration)
  • This short story contains material only suitable for adults.

Tables Of Contents Title Page Body Content Copyright (38 pages in approx. print length)

Preview A man went back and forth in front of the store. He had thick hair and glasses, but he had grown hair so much that he couldn't even see his eyes well. A stretched shirt, worn jeans that are out of fashion, and sneakers that are crumpled. He had a pale face like he hadn't seen the sunlight, a thick wallet roughly inserted into his back pocket, and even his hands are restless while looking at his cell phone. The man, who seemed to be a perfect unsociable, looked around the alley again while looking at the sign of a store and looked at his cell phone with anxiety. His steps were hesitating, and he was nervously biting his thumb nail and glancing around. Then eventually, he took a step as if he had made up his mind. The store was leading to the basement, and at the entrance, there was a light that was only enough not for a man to fall. The green emergency exit sign was the brightest. The man carefully went down the stairs and breathed in. There was a strong musk scent beyond the humid and moist smell unique to the basement. The scent that made the person's heart beat. He lifted his blurry eyes and went down. When He reached the end, he got used to the dark, he saw an iron decoration that gave a somewhat antique feeling. [Personal shopper] It was found that the sign was made of high-quality materials that seemed neat and elegant. This was the shop where only one person could make a reservation a day. The waiting list was long and there were few customers, but the shop was rumored to be beautiful. It was even salty for people liked staying only in-house and didn't think they would go well with shopping. "This, this, all, all, all, it's like a scam." The deposit for reservation alone was quite expensive. He paid for that, too. Among the few acquaintances, the satisfaction of those who had been there was high. It was from the person that he met on the Internet, if he had to say he knew. The man alternately looked at the signs that did not match his shabby clothes, and thought of the deposit he had made for a reservation. That's the deposit, and if the deal was made today, the rest of the money would be withdrawn. Even if he would cancel, the deposit would not come back. Personal shoppers are helping individuals shop, so he brought money for shopping. Thanks to it, his wallet was thick. He could have just gone for an PC room with the money. He thought he couldn't help it even if they took off the deposit. But something was missing. Everyone said it was a fantastic experience. He heard that the items they shopped after that were perfect, too. For some reason, He roughly wiped his sweaty palms on his pants. With a determined look, he came down the stairs further and grabbed the doorknob on the left.

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