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The Summer In The Hut by Epillia

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Genre: Romance / Romance

Updated: Completed

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"This fiction is like a summer night so/because it has to be short"

Category Fiction > Yaoi Fiction > Short Story Fiction > Korean Fiction (Web Novel, translation)

Summary The summer found two students in Russia for work-study program. They were alone in the middle of a great Russian forest. Their hut, which had been an annoying place, turned to be the place of lovers, but the love faded away when they came out of the hut.

modernSetting #mistake #sweetAndLovely #calmAndQuiet

sweetGong #innocentSoo #inPainSoo

  • This short story of yaoi/BL is translated from from the original Korean short web-novel. (text only, no illustration)
  • This short story contains material only suitable for adults.

Tables Of Contents Title Page Body Content Copyright (69 pages in approx. print length)

Preview Sheeh. The cool wind shook the dense birch forest and passed by. HaeJoon turned his head for a while and smiled at the white wooden pillars and lush green leaves lined up behind the hut. Then, he dipped the painting brush in a bucket, rinsed it clean, and got up from a creaking wooden chair to stretch. SeonWoo, who was reading a book lying under the shade of a birch tree, asked. "Are you going to rest?" "Yes, my shoulders are a bit stiff." HaeJoon looked at the lake so wide that the opposite side was dimly visible. The calm surface of the lake was occasionally shaken by the blowing breeze and reflected the sunlight brilliantly. HaeJoon, who gave attention to quiet forests, lakes, and shabby hut one by one, asked his temporary roommate. "What are we having for lunch?"

HaeJoon had applied for an international work camp ahead of the summer vacation of his 3rd year in college to travel abroad and to make something to write on his job resume later. He'd already been to two of the world's three largest art museums, so this time he planned to go to the last, the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. So, he decided to participate in a program in the suburbs of St. Petersburg. It was an obvious mistake not to look for detailed information about the program. He didn't even notice it until he reached the work camp office in Petersburg district. He just thought that he was lucky to have met Lim, SeonWoo, a fellow Korean in the group. But the next day, as they moved to the work camp site, they realized they had chosen the wrong program. The work camp site near a Russian Orthodox monastery took three hours by train from Petersburg. In Russia, that distance was expressed as a 'suburb". They arrived in front of the crumbling hut after driving for about 30 minutes on a dirt road in the car of the monk who had met them in the stormy, inclement weather. It was the worst environment. Five old iron beds were placed side by side in a hut lit by a single yellow light, and one of the windows had a broken glass and a breeze blew in. It was a bed for five people, two Frenchmen, HaeJoon and SeonWoo, and a Russian college student, Nicholai who followed as a guide. The two French students vehemently protested against the harsh conditions before returning the next morning. HaeJoon and SeonWoo decided to remain. Before departure, they were informed that the participation fee was non-refundable, as they had no money to spend elsewhere for two weeks.

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