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The Love Of VR by Nimdorusin

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Genre: Romance / Romance

Updated: Completed

Content Advisory

Frequent Sexual Content


Overall Rating: 71

Average Rating: 7 (Guests), 7 (Members)

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"Here you can find a perfect device to attract your friend and/or hidden lover"

Category Fiction > Yaoi Fiction > Short Story Fiction > Korean Fiction (Web Novel)

Summary KyuYoung made a clumsy VR headset that didn't work so well. But it didn't matter because it was to attract his friend, JaHwan. With that in mind, KyuYoung invited JaHwan for a drink.

modernSetting #friends #comedy

stronogGong #deceivingSoo #timidSoo

  • This short story of yaoi/BL is translated from from the original Korean short web-novel.
  • This short story contains material only suitable for adults.

Tables Of Contents Title Page Body Content Copyright (59 pages in approx. print length)

Preview KyuYoung fiddled with a VR headset. He adjusted it a little bit, and even tested it. He wondered if it would really be like real. "Oh, I don't know." He couldn't think of a better way other than this. Finally, he checked his headset one more time and reviewed the equipment he had prepared in advance. In fact, everything else was a meaningless trick. Shouldn't it look plausible? KyuYoung took a deep breath and called. "Hello?" [Hi, KyuYoung. Oh, What's going on?] "What are you doing right now... I'm just curious..." KyuYoung's tongue got twisted at the moment. He was trying to speak as calmly as possible. If KyuYoung would be behaving like this weirdly, his friend, JaHwan would notice that it was strange. KyuYoung twisted his finger sweating. [Me? I'm on my way home. Why? Did something happen?] "No... Nothing happened..." KyuYoung, who was murmuring and blurring the end of his speech, shook his head. "What's going on?" [What? What's going on? It means there's none.] KyuYoung heard a laughing voice. "There's something serious going on." Of course, something serious was going to happen to JaHwan, not to him. KyuYoung tried to speak as low as possible. Did JaHwan notice his tricks as well? He heard a light sound of holding back laughter. "So, can we meet now?" [Now? Hmm... Okay. Got it. Where should we go? The bar I went to last time was okay.] "Come to my place." [Okay. Got it. What should I buy?] "A lot of drinks..." For some reason, he thought JaHwan should not be sober. JaHwan laughed loudly at the words of KyuYoung. [You can't even drink so much. I think it'll take about 30 minutes.] "Okay. Take your time." KyuYoung, who hung up the phone, stood blank for a while. All that's left was doing it actually. He quickly cleaned up the house and took a shower again. KyuYoung, who prepared the house in his own way, stood still in front of the front door and waited for JaHwan to come.

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