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The Pill Of Regret And Fall by Jjabjaljjab

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Genre: Romance / Romance

Updated: Completed

Content Advisory

Frequent Sexual Content


Overall Rating: 71

Average Rating: 7 (Guests), 7 (Members)

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"Drinking and taking a medicine, then they went crazy. So cute and hot."

Category Fiction > GL (Girls' Love) Fiction > Short Story Fiction > Korean Fiction (Web Novel)

Summary A graduate student, YiKyung woke up and found that her beautiful professor, AeMin under her body. She tried to recollect the previous night, which had begun with lots of drinks. And vague memory of a certain pill that could enlarge a part of body came across.

modernSetting #teach-student #school #supernatual #comedy #lesbian

innocentCharacter #timidCharacter #activeCharacter #childishCharacter

  • This short story of GL(Girls' Love) is translated from from the original Korean short web-novel. (text only, no illustration)
  • This short story contains material only suitable for adults.

Tables Of Contents Title Page Body Content Copyright (65 pages in approx. print length)

Preview As if the power had been turned on, Do YiKyung woke up from sleep. All of her senses, including her vision, were blurry. But something was strange. "Ugh......" Why did she sleep on her stomach? Perhaps because she slept in an uncomfortable position, she just woke up and was not refreshed. YiKyung touched her floor with her arms, which were not able to enter her strength. She grunted to stand up to her upper body, and lift her body from below. "Aww!" A voice was heard. "What? Nope!" "Uh, ah... It hurts, whoops!" Before YiKyung opened her cloudy eyes, she knew who the owner of the voice was. She was now in her late 30s, but she was a genius with a good family and good skills enough to become a full-time professor at such young age. However, her personality was picky and strict. That was YiKyung's doctorate advisor, Seong AeMin. "Prof?" Why was the professor in her room? YiKyung blinked her eyes to regain her sight, trying to get her sluggish head fully operational. She was still drunk and not sure how much she had drunk, so she couldn't focus properly. "Um, don't move!" "Okay!" As YiKyung shook her head and tried to get up, AeMin screamed sharply. The professor's disciple and slave, YiKyung, stopped her body as quickly as a computer on which commands were entered. She had to somehow get AeMin's favors in order to finish her doctorate. It seemed that she was hated from the beginning, but if she would act like that further, her past few years in the doctorate program could be in vain.

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