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The Zone (Summoner) by doravg

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Genre: Adventure / Fantasy

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"Fat to fit summoner"

Diets...well, Thomas must have gone through them all. He would lose some weight, then gain it back, plus about as much of the extra weight. As a receptionist at the Orestria adventurer's guild, he doesn't get the chance to exercise much. Not that he can, seeing as his endurance is low.

Then, just as he stopped a new diet, he gets told that an S ranked vampire is offering seminars and couching on weight loss. With no other alternative and not wanting to gain all his two kilograms that he had lost with the last diet, Thomas decides to give it a chance. All Lucius asks for is one litter of blood every three days as payment. And, so, Thomas learns about the magical zone.

What is the zone? A mix of protein, fat and carbohydrates, served in a portion of three blocks. For once, Thomas gets to be on a diet that doesn't try to deprive him of one of the building blocks of a meal. The exercise he has to do is easy and makes him feel alive. So, Thomas dares to hope that he would become fit, and that, one day, he might even become an adventurer.

No romance, just bromance and general friendship. No smut. This is a fat to fit journey with meal plans. I am currently on this diet, so the MC's progress will be the same as my own. You can easily follow the meal plans, if you need to.

The first twenty days the update schedule will be daily. After that, starting from 15.7.2022 the update schedule will be every Monday-Wednesday-Friday. The story will be updated at 7 am EEST.

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