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Three O'Clock by S. Gates

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Genre: Fantasy / Supernatural

Updated: Weekly

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Occasional Coarse Language

Occasional Violence


Overall Rating: 6.771

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"Yuri Kitazawa decided to take a year off after graduating high school. And then things get weird."

Yuri Kitazawa is a relatively average (if somewhat geeky and tomboyish) high school graduate.  She decided that she would take a year off after graduation, get a part time job, and generally have fun with her best friends.  Instead, she finds out that she is adopted, her birth mother recently committed suicide, and no one is really quite sure who her birth father is.

And if that weren’t enough, after a ‘girl’s night’ with her friend Reese, things start to get truly bizarre.  After being struck by a drunk driver, Yuri wakes up in a strange place full of strange people, and no idea how in the world to get home.

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"Interesting and a Good Start"

Rating: 7/10

I found the story so far enjoyable with only a few issues.

Good: The descriptions are top notch, especially the descriptions of traveling between worlds and the moment of the truck accident. The dialogue for the most part is solid (though I agree with the whole "jerkface" problem). The characterization was strong and I really like Yuri — she’s managed not to seem like a damsel…Read More


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