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Curio Killed the Cat by Skyla Dawn Cameron

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Rated 7.08 out of 10 Statistics


Genre: Supernatural / Humor

Updated: Weekly

Content Advisory

Occasional Sexual Content

Occasional Coarse Language


Overall Rating: 7.081

Average Rating: 10 (Guests), 6.88 (Members)

Ranking: #112

Rating Count: 5 (1 Guests, 4 members)

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"An occult shop"

Welcome to Curio Killed the Cat, an occult shop in Kensington Market, Toronto. Meet the quirky (and sometimes supernatural) employees (a lazy hoodoo spellcaster, a feminist succubus, and a snobbish Wiccan priest), their strange customers as they try to keep the shop from closing. As well a few weird characters that pass along the way.

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"No Cats Were Harmed in the Making of this Review"

Rating: 7/10

Opener: Funny. No more really need be said. I mean sure you have your romance and your supernatural but what really stands out for me is the humour. I love two of the three characters with steady point of views. Briar and Lilith. You’ve got a snarky, lazy and all around hilarious spellcaster with a rather unhealthy like of getting even. Then there’s the not so sex crazed sex demon, trying to…Read More

"loved it! "

Rating: 10/10

This was an amazing novel as well! i am a huge fan of Skyla, and i do not usually read books, but when i came across this bored at work, and i didnt have anything better to do than read, i wanted to find something i was truly interested in. i love fantasy movies, and fiction movies. Movies that you know in real life can never happen, so when i started reading her novels i got lost in them, and…Read More


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