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Tales of the Big Bad Wolf by S. Lee

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Chapters: 33

Genre: Fantasy / General

Audience: youth, young-adult, romance and fantasy readers

Updated: Weekly


Overall Rating: 7.411

Average Rating: 8 (Guests), 7.88 (Members)

Ranking: #75

Rating Count: 6 (2 Guests, 4 members)

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"A Story of the World in which our unwitting hero resides"

Unlike his Grimm Brothers counterpart that is all beast, the Wolf is a key figure in a world filled with strange halflings who are neither fully human or creature. These halflings preside over a strange world filled with humans, elves, and other creatures from fantasy lore and fairy tales.

This first "arc" will begin when a "Red Riding Hood" appears in the Northlands, domain of the troubled and aloof Wolf. Red Riding Hood arrives as a messenger from another domain, one of the first that will arrive in the Northlands over various story arcs.

Her appearance precedes a series of changes to the quiet town of Winchester and the area in which the Northlands reside.

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"Breathing New Life Into Old Stories"

Rating: 8/10

When I started reading Tales of the Big Bad Wolf, I wasn't sure exactly what to expect, other than the obvious retelling of a fairy tale that many of us are familiar with, but I've been pleasantly surprised by what the author has done. The age-old character have been dusted off and each seems to have been given more of a depth and life of their own than they were really allowed in the old tale.…Read More


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