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Defending Mars by A. A. Roi

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Genre: Sci-Fi / Adventure

Updated: Weekly

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Occasional Coarse Language

Occasional Violence


Overall Rating: 71

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"Humanity's Future Under Threat"

It is the beginning of the 22nd century and Mars is the new frontier. Earth is collapsing under one environmental catastrophe after another and the red planet is the last hope for the human race. But there are problems. It is still an world inhospitable to human life, even as three generations of Martians from the first attempted colonization have occupied the world for more than eighty years and do not appreciate that they are being cast aside by the vast colonization efforts of Marscorp.

14 year old Tory Ciarelli did not want to get stuck on the planet Mars, but here she is, dragged 50 million miles from her home Earth, by her parents to the new frontier. She has a plan to escape Mars, but might not be able to accomplish her goal on her own.

21 year old Gurminder Kalsi is a third generation bornehere Martian, a rig driver working for the planetary clans who were abandoned by Earth but managed to survive and prosper but are now at the mercy of the massive new colonization effort. He too is trapped on the red plane, but not by circumstance, but by biology. Born on Mars he can not leave to go to the world his grandparents came from.

But together Tory and Gurminder might be able to find a way out of their traps. If they can work together.

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Conspiracy, Future, Mars, Science Fiction

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