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Flesh Wounds by Linton Robinson

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Genre: Crime / Hurt/Comfort

Audience: noir, essays, creative nonfiction, urban, crime, psych, creepy, violent, prison

Updated: none

Content Advisory

Frequent Sexual Content

Frequent Coarse Language

Frequent Violence


Overall Rating: 5.281

Average Rating: 2 (Guests), 3 (Members)

Ranking: #757

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"That which doesn't kill us... scars us."

Flesh Wounds” was a syndicated column that appeared in several Western “hip urban weeklies” during the early nineties. It was originally created for the San Diego cultural review “Revolt In Style” and expanded (including the creation of Jessica Creager’s great artwork) for the Seattle “Scroll”. Much of the work in the eBook collection first appeared in the Seattle “Stranger”,San Diego “Reader”.SF Bay Area’s “East Bay Express”, and the Seattle music mag, “Voltage”.

A cult item at the time (Hunter Thompson first dubbed it “yuppie noir”, a name that stuck), “Flesh Wounds” was resurrected and an online, blog/RSS serial, but now appears in an exciting and innovative eBook format for any Windows computer, with a low price enabled by the magic of download.

This is dark stuff, set in prisons, asylums, bloody street corners, gruesome crime scenes. But there is a faint glow of redemption about it, the aspiration that keeps all of us elevated above the mess of flesh that lacerates us before it kill us.

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"experimental, but with little substance"

Rating: 3/10

A disclaimer: I generally post reviews only after having read a good proportion of a story (at least 50%, if not everything posted). I’m not entirely sure how much of content I’ve read of Flesh Wounds but – to be honest – I’m not interested in reading more.

Flesh Wounds is a collection of stories examining the darker sides of life – prison, violence, crime, and so on. Given that…Read More


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