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Guardians: Awakening by Tina Circelli, Lizzy Sherbrooke, and Cailyn O'Dwyer

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Rated 7.25 out of 10 Statistics


Chapters: 45

Genre: Fantasy / Adventure

Audience: Everyone

Updated: Weekly

Content Advisory

Occasional Coarse Language

Occasional Violence


Overall Rating: 7.251

Average Rating: 9 (Guests), 6.25 (Members)

Ranking: #133

Rating Count: 3 (1 Guests, 2 members)

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"An ancient power awaits its keepers"

On the planet Elidi, Chikamuyo Academy is a new military academy but it has already attracted a unique collection of students and staff. It is the only school that specializes in teaching control of the planet-energy eisra. The senior class is preparing to graduate and join the military when tragedy strikes and presses them into service for their planet earlier than they had planned.

The temples that form the heart of every community have been disappearing around the world, along with the servants of the Goddess who inhabit them. A mysterious power is manipulating individuals and causing destruction at their hands. One of the students dreams of orphans that have been, are being, or will be kidnapped - if dreams can be believed. No one is sure if the events can be connected, but if the dangers continue the Goddess may need to call upon her Guardians to protect Elidi once more.

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"Nice premise, lovely design, fails on execution"

Rating: 5/10

Cross-Posted from my blog

Guardians: Awakening caught my eye when I was browsing around for something new to read.

The premise is interesting. In many ways its a traditional fantasy plot in a futuristic fantasy setting, and I adore that sort of futuristic fantasy when I can find it.

The website is beautiful eye candy, which like a good cover on a book encourages you to have…Read More


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