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Listening to the Other Side by Justin Woolley

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Genre: Supernatural / Horror

Audience: Adults

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Occasional Sexual Content

Occasional Coarse Language

Occasional Violence


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"A blog about talking to the dead by ex-television psychic James Eriksson"

I never intended this story to be written, let alone shared on the internet. It was my friend Wally Sharpe who eventually convinced me otherwise. Relentless as always in pursuit of an idea, he argued that not only should I set the record straight about the events of twelve years ago, but that what happened to me was of deep spiritual significance and should be shared with the world.

The purpose of this blog then is to tell the truth about what happened during the early part of 2003. I was a television psychic, a liar, habitually, professionally, destructively, but I intend for the text of this blog to be the most honest I have ever been. Everything I write will be based on my own recollections and I assure you that, however unbelievable you may find them, they are accurate.

My name is James Eriksson and I can talk to the dead.

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