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Mahou Senshi by Unknownmercury

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Rated 7.11 out of 10 Statistics


Genre: Supernatural / Adventure

Audience: Young adults, Anime fans, People who enjoy dark comedy, Action fans

Updated: none

Content Advisory

Frequent Coarse Language

Frequent Violence


Overall Rating: 7.111

Average Rating: 5 (Guests), 9 (Members)

Ranking: #400

Rating Count: 1 (0 Guests, 1 members)

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"Chosen by Angels to fight the Shadows"

In a futuristic age, there are people who have been granted powers over magic by Angels to fight against demons and the darkness they inhabit. One bustling city in particular has had their technology advanced considerably because of these ‘magical warriors’. Linette and Goose, a pair of orphaned siblings, have been recently chosen to fight against these demons. Along with an optimist with a secret, a dashing con artist, a mystery girl with a grudge, and other exciting characters, they must face a truth that challenges everything they know.

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Action, Angels, Combat, Demons, Drama, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Fighting Heroine, Future Earth, Magic, Monsters, Orphan Heroine, Orphan Protagonist

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