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Memory of AUSOS by T. E. Waters

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Genre: Fantasy / Sci-Fi

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Occasional Coarse Language

Occasional Violence


Overall Rating: 7.341

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Memory of AUSOS by T. E. Waters product Read This

"A Great Ride"

Rating: 10 / 10

A great story has wonderful characters, plot, sensory details, and world building. But more than that, a great story has a certain spark that draws you in from the very beginning, and keeps you coming back for more. Memory of AUSOS has all of those things.

The story opens right in the middle of the action. Two Dolls (mechas) have invaded the grounds of the military academy, destroying buildings and causing confusion and fear among the students. Intan is the main character, who seems to be less shocked at the sudden arrival of the Dolls than she is stunned by the lack of reaction from the school security forces. Caring more about the other students than self-preservation, she rushes off to help in any way possible. And that way just happens to be piloting a retired Doll and leaping into the fight for some of her peer's lives.

It's clear that Memory of AUSOS takes place in a fully realized world. The author utilizes this well, without leaving a reader feeling lost in a world they don't quite understand. Instead, details of the world are revealed as necessary for the story, without info-dumping long histories where none are needed.

The author also includes supplementary information, with an artist's renderings of the characters, a map of the world, and a brief explanation of the academy and universe. The site summary itself gives readers some interesting clues as to where the plot is going, and what's in store for the character's future.

Memory of AUSOS makes good use of its serial format. The author reveals character histories, tantalizing plot details, and world-building in small doses, leaving plenty of unanswered questions and details that leave readers hooked and waiting on the edges of their seats for more. I highly recommend checking it out.

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