Submission Guidelines

Acceptable Web Fiction

  • Both completed web novels and ongoing web serials (collectively web fiction) are acceptable.
    • Short story collections are also acceptable if they are related in some way such as by location, abilities or characters.
  • The submission must be available freely via a web-accessible medium.
    • By this we mean viewable in a web browser by over 80% of readers (ie. PDF is acceptable but ePub would not be).
  • The submission may be available in print but must be fully available for free online
  • The submission must be original. Fan fiction is not acceptable.
  • The web fiction must be written in the English language or have an officially endorsed english translation.
  • Fiction hosted on websites like FictionPress,, DeviantART and similar web sites is not acceptable.
  • The web fiction must not be primarily erotica. Sex in service of the story is fine as is fan service but sexual activity for the sake of sex is not.
  • Web fiction requiring registration to read is acceptable but registration must be free, please tag such web fiction with the tag "Registration to Read".

General info

Field Description
Story Title The title should be the official title used by the web fiction in question, capitalised according to Wikipedia's Manual of Style.
Tag line Memorable phrase or sentence that sums up the tone and premise of the web fiction.
Read URL This should link to either the web fictions blurb page, table of contents or the first chapter, in that order of preference.
RSS Feed URL URL to the web fiction's official RSS feed containing the latest chapters.
Purchase URL URL to where a print or e-book version of the story can be purchased such as Amazon or Lulu. Please no affiliate links.
Author Name The name of the author(s) who wrote the web fiction in question. If multiple authors, separate using commas. Names should be in the format Given Name followed by Family name or the author's pen name if no real name is available.
Author URL URL to the author's homepage or blog.
Genre Preferably the official genres as specified by the author. Otherwise, use your best judgement.
Chapter Count If completed, the number of chapters. If ongoing and the number of intended chapters is known, enter that number else leave blank.
Update Schedule How often is the web fiction updated?
Mature Content Please use your best judgement in specifying the level of each category.
Intended Audience Comma separated list of demographics and interest groups.
Synopsis Short description of the main story. No spoilers. If the web fiction requires registration to read, mention that here.

Multiple Books in a Series

Each book in a series should have its own listing. Titles should be given as follows: [series title] - [book title] (Book NUM). For example: An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom - The Tale of Two Kingdoms (Book 1)


In some cases, the official titles of web fiction are in entirely uppercase or lowercase. In these cases, in the title field of a listing, these should be capitalised as defined in [Manual of Style](">Wikipedia's <a href="

Synopsis from External Sources

It is possible to add a synopsis to web fiction listings. While original synopsis are preferred, using synopsises from external resources is allowed providing that the source is properly credited.

Sources should be credited by appending something along the following lines to the end of a synopsis:

**Source:** [TITLE]( which would result in: Source: TITLE.

If the synopsis has been edited, this should be specified in brackets next to the source link as follows:

Source: Wikipedia (Edited)