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Far from run of the mill...

A review of Mill Avenue Vexations

Mill Avenue Vexations is brilliant. There. I said it.

Instead of reading the first few chapters, keeping a track of what I liked and what I didn’t, I was caught up in the story and was already at volume four by the time I looked up...

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Highschool Chills and Thrills

A review of Scary Mary

The only thing that saddened me when reading Scary Mary was that I was older than the target audience (it’s a highschool story) – I have no doubt that if I’d read it at an age-appropriate time it would have a frightening and fun experience...

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Far From Beastly

A review of Beasts of New York

Beasts of New York is not what I expected it to be when I clicked the link – I was expecting, frankly, a literal anthro squirrel protagonist, a human with a huge fluffy tail, that kind of thing.

I was pleasantly surprised...

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