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A slow chill, so close to the reality we know.

A review of Refuge of Delayed Souls - RoYds

We are whipped back and forth through time in this often gripping tale. ‘Chilling’ would be another appropriate word.

The characters are clear and each one’s history is revealed in blinding flashes at intense moments in their lives...

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A review of An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom - The Tale of Two Kingdoms

With the second book in this series well underway, new readers will have a good amount to get into.

Cleverly crafted as a story within a story, this tale takes us into a new world of history as well as the present, without any need to suspend belief...

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Bloody, hysterical.

A review of Blood Moon: Vampire Chronicles

We follow Erika in her quest to stay unnoticed. At 7-ft-odd and a dyed blonde to boot, this is not easy. Then there is her caustic humour and vampiric habits. Her teenage sorceress side-kick however, relishes attention and loves blowing things up...

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A Slow Start

A review of A Northern Heart

9 chapters in and the author hasn’t updated in a while. I’m not sure I would recommend this to anyone just yet, but if the author had to come back, I would certainly read a bit further.

The start is slow and nothing much happens...

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