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Dense but promising

A review of Ephemera

As of this writing, "Ephemera" has two chapters, with a third scheduled for release in a few days.  I spent a couple of days reading over the current chapters, reading them both twice, and overall, I don’t regret spending my time doing so...

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Fun modern fantasy YA fiction.

A review of The Lighthouse Chronicles

I ended up stumbling upon this little gem about a week and a half ago, and I am rather glad I did.  It’s a charming piece of young adult fiction that centers around a relatively ordinary girl named Max and her increasingly extraordinary exploits in Boston trying to (ostensibly) prevent the end of the world (as foretold by a voice only she can hear)...

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Not sure what to make of it.

A review of Layla, One World Warrior

I want to first state that the concept of Layla — One World Warrior is absolutely fascinating.  It’s a sort of frame story about Layla Parkin, a young woman born into the Baha’i faith who later begins manifesting strange, godlike powers...

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Well worth the read.

A review of Refuge of Delayed Souls - RoYds

So far I’ve read to part 36, and I’m quite pleased.  Admittedly, the start was a bit rocky, and I almost put it down because of that, but I’m very glad I didn’t!  After the first few installments, everything just gels and the story gains some focus and clarity...

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