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Rainy Skies: Lull before Storm by Luthiea Wu

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Rated 7.78 out of 10 Statistics


Genre: Fantasy / Adventure

Audience: Female

Updated: Completed

Content Advisory

Occasional Sexual Content

Occasional Violence


Overall Rating: 7.781

Average Rating: 8 (Guests), 10 (Members)

Ranking: #65

Rating Count: 4 (3 Guests, 1 members)

1 indicates a weighted rating.


"Only In dreams, will the truth be revealed..."

Rain Eveil hates demons to the core, and with good reason. As a child, she had seen her entire village burn down to the ground and growing up in the Magian Academy of Magical Arts at the capital has taught her that all demons, regardless of type, are born murderers. Brought up to slay demons without mercy and stuck in a boring (but lowly paid) job at a nearby village, Rain decides to join forces with her two childhood friends, Thiea Bey and Yvi Weil, to become the one and only all-female bounty hunter team. But when a beautiful stranger starts to invade her dreams, Rain’s world falls apart in confusion. Who is this man who is at once mysterious yet painfully familiar? She knows that he is a demon from his appearance, yet she feels none of her usual hostility for him. Before Rain could make sense of her conflicting feelings, she and her friends are thrown into a sticky confrontation with a vampire and her harem of sexy fox spirits. Will Rain survive the ordeal to find out the truth behind her disturbing dreams or worse?

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